Sep 9, 2009

Cheat At Rubik’s Cube

Last Christmas my wife bought me a Rubik's Cube puzzle for a stocking stuffer. I have always wanted one, and never had one. I finally told her that I wanted one for Christmas and she delivered.

I was really excited when I got it so I brought it to work so I could solve it on my breaks, or so my coworkers could give it a shot. One of my co-workers decided he was going to give it a whirl so he took it. About 30 minutes or so later he brought it back completely solved. When I saw that my jaw dropped. WTF? How the hell did he solve it so quickly? He played it off for a while that he was a Rubik’s genius, but he eventually let me in on the trick.

That shady S.O.B. used the Rubik’s Cube Solver from the guys at With the Rubik’s Cube solver you can enter your current configuration into their online model, then click a button for step by step instructions on how to solve it, and how many moves it will take to solve it. Here is a screen shot of their solver model:

rubiks cube solver

Do you know of an easier to use Rubik’s solver? Or maybe just another one? Let us know in the comments.

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