Aug 25, 2009

Nice! Homebrew Apps For The Palm Pre!

Okay, forget what I said yesterday about not having too many apps for the Palm Pre. About ten minutes after writing that post, I happened upon the PreCentral Homebrew channel! Now, they certainly don’t have as many apps as the iPhone, or Blackberry Storm yet, but the app pool is getting deeper and deeper!

The best part, in my opinion about it is that in order to use these Homebrew apps, you must first put your phone into dev mode. To do that do the following:

  • From card view type the following without quotes:


  • You will see an icon pop up to enter development mode. Touch that, and enable development mode. Your Pre will need to restart.

Here is a video that better explains it:

Contra anyone?

contra nintendo

Anyway, after that little bit of geeky awesomeness, you can download the WebOS Quick Install tool from


Once installed, you can easily install any one of 140+ Homebrew apps from as well as any other sites that pop up!

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