Aug 20, 2009

Find all Licenses and Keys on a Computer

As in my last post I talked about installing Windows 7 on my box. Well this is related to that experience as I needed to find all my Adobe Keys I was using because currently our, umm… License management software… if that’s what you can call it. Well it’s not so good you can say.

I needed to find something to just crawl through the registry and get all the keys for me, because I’m a lazy bastard. I tried a few out there that seemed to do ok. The one I found that worked the best is LicenseCrawler. This is a nice little lightweight app which is just a single exe.

LicenseCrawler can even scan damaged or backed up computers. On his site, Klinzmann? I’m guessing that’s his name. It runs on Win95, 2k, XP, 2003 Server, Vista, and I’ve tested and verified that it also works on Windows 7. I’ll assume that it works on Win98 too.


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