Aug 19, 2009

Windows 7 – Super Voodoo Compression?

So I was bored here at work not doing anything more technical than ctrl+c then ctrl+v. So I got a copy of Windows 7 from our System Admins and installed in on my work box. The installation was pretty easy. It removes your old Windows XP install and puts it into a windows.old directory in case you need reference anything for later.


LocalCNow I’ve used Windows 7 before at home when it was in beta so I knew that it ran a lot faster. Faster than XP in my personal opinion. But I never knew that id did super voodoo compression. I really must know how they pulled it off.


185GBI got my box all finished setup and was done with my windows.old directory and went to delete it. And too my surprise Windows 7 had taken my 74.5 GB drive and made it at least 185 GB apparently.  As the images show apparently I had 185 GB that I was deleting.

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