Aug 12, 2009

Amahi Home Server

Amahi is a fully featured home server platform currently available on the Fedora 10 platform. It features an easy install via the Fedora 10 DVD and pre-installed apps that include a blog, wiki, slideshow, streaming music server and more. Amahi comes preconfigured with most settings already set right out of the box so that even someone who is not a Linux expert can use it, a fact to which I can attest having minimal exposure to Linux until recently.

Amahi DashboardFor me I actually had to install the Fedora 10 CD instead of the DVD, which included much of the Amahi files needed right off the disc. Following through the self install listed on the website I was able to have it up and running fairly quickly, though I was missing two Ruby Gems which were easily installed with yum, once I had narrowed them down via the thorough error messages provided.

Once you have completed setting up your router it is as simple as navigating to your drive and using it. A handy dashboard allows you quick access to all your features and allows you to install the pre-installed apps. Amahi is also currently accessible from outside of your home network via VPN by downloading the pre-configured Windows software or by following instructions for Mac or Linux platforms.

Amahi dashboardNow you may be thinking from this until so far glowing review that there were no problems, which is unfortunately not true. I've had issues getting some apps to install correctly and these errors seem to be hit or miss with different users. I don't know whether this is an issue on my side or on the software side, but all that is required to install these apps is a simple point and click option. Fortunately though, the forums and irc channel are very active and responses to any issues are usually made within hours.

Overall this seems to be almost fully cooked but still a little doughy in certain spots. Overall this is a far easier and less time consuming option than trying to set up everything yourself, going through all the Samba shares, playing around with DNS and then installing all the required software to get what you want done. If you're looking for that home server, Amahi is an option you should seriously consider.

By @PhilipTruax

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