Feb 25, 2014

Top 4 Apps to Help Busy Moms Keep Tabs on Kids

Back in the good ol' days, moms could figure out where their kids had run off to by opening the front door, walking out on the porch and hollering their names as loudly as possible to get their attention.

These days, it's more challenging to keep tabs on kids, especially for moms who work outside of the home. Fortunately, with the help of some handy dandy technology—in the form of useful apps—working mothers have a virtual way of keeping a close eye on their kids, which doesn’t involve shouting out their names and startling co-workers.

The following four apps can provide working mothers with some much-needed peace of mind when it comes to keeping track of the kids.

Find My Kids ~ Footprints

This nifty app uses GPS in real-time and can help parents keep track of where their kids are going, as long as they are carrying their cell phone. The app can be used with any popular service and phones, such as T-Mobile cell phones. If a child is heading to the park to meet friends after school, the app also can confirm that she got there. The app is free to use but does require a subscription for the tracking feature.

Family Tracker

This app will not only keep tabs on the kiddos, but also the entire family. It features a separate messaging system that helps busy working moms contact their kids, and find out if and when they actually read the message. For moms who cannot resist the urge to call their child’s name, the app features an attention-grabbing siren sound sure to alert their son and daughter that mom is trying to reach them. The app costs $5.99 and needs to be purchased for each phone that will be tracked.

Sprint Family Locator

While many tracking apps require mom to have a smartphone, the Spring Family Locator can work on any Sprint phone, smart or not. Families can use a free trial of the service for 15 days, and then pay $5 a month to track up to four cell phones. For moms who are not quite ready to buy their child a smartphone, this offers them the ability to keep track of where their son or daughter is with a regular cell phone.

iHound Software

Most moms like it when their kids send them a text or call when they get to their friend’s house, or wherever they are heading. But as most moms know quite well, kids can be forgetful about doing this, which can lead to worry. The iHound Software lets parents choose to get an automatic email when the child arrives at the determined location. This way, mom is happy, and if the child forgets to notify her, he or she will not be mortally embarrassed when mom calls to check in.

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