Feb 7, 2014

How To Install Games on The Xbox One

As some of you know I am going through a divorce. I was married for almost fourteen years and that whole time my wife would never let me buy a gaming console. She hated the idea of them.

Well the other day it was my time with the kids, and they were bored and I decided to run out and buy an Xbox One because I didn't have my wife telling me I couldn't. I figured if I was going to get a gaming console I would get the Xbox because of the Kinect and my kids and I can do games that gets us up off our butts and lets us interact with it.

So I got the Xbox and set it up and noticed that installing games was sort of a pain in the ass. It's actually well documented that the new system has issues with freezing on 0% or 1% during the install process when you are connected to the internet. Also, once you get it installed it has issues running updates on games when you are signed into Xbox Live.

So here is my method for installing games, then running updates that seems to work consistently although it is a pain the ass:
  • Disconnect from the internet by either unplugging the ethernet cable, or going into Settings > Networking and disconnecting from wireless
  • Sign out of Xbox Live if you are signed in
  • Insert the disc and run the installer. Let it get to 100%
  • After the install, reconnect to the Internet by plugging your ethernet cable back in, or going into Settings > Networking and reconnecting to wireless
  • Make sure you are still signed out of your Xbox Live account
  • Open the game and run the update
If during the update you get automatically signed back into your Xbox Live account it should be fine. You just need to make sure you are signed out before you begin the update.

Hopefully Microsoft gets this fixed soon. For such a great gaming system, the installation process is really terrible!

Do you have an Xbox One? Do you have this problem? If so, did you figure out a better way to install games? Let us know in the comments!

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