Feb 13, 2014

How To Merge Multiple PDF's in Ubuntu

Tux, the Linux penguin
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At my day job I work remotely for a company in California, while I now live back in Colorful Colorado. Working remotely in a different state has some challenges and advantages. One of those challenges is sending documents into the main office to be signed and whatnot.

Often times I have to scan certain documents into PDF's and combine them with existing PDF's to make one big document that I can send to my boss for approval. Since my work laptop is running on Xubuntu Linux, I have to do that with a special command line utility called pdftk.

Let's say I have three PDF's that I need to combine, they are named pdf1.pdf, pdf2.pdf and pdf3.pdf. Here is the syntax I would use to merge them:
#pdftk pdf1.pdf pdf2.pdf pdf3.pdf cat output merged.pdf
The new merged.pdf file will now have all three documents merged into one PDF in the order you listed them in the above command!

To install pdftk in Ubuntu just run:
#sudo apt-get install pdftk
That's how you merge multipl PDF's in Ubuntu Linux!

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