Feb 6, 2014

I've Changed DNS Providers Because I'm a Cheap Bastard

Back in 2011 I switched to PointHQ for DNS because it gave away a lot of cool features for free. Well, that changed last year in November. The folks at PointHQ (now PointDNS) decided to start charging for their service.

Since I had been with them for a while I didn't have to pay full price, in fact it was only going to cost me $30 per year. Well, that is $30 per year more than I wanted to pay, so I've decided to switch to DNSEver which is still FREE!

From their page:

  • DNSEver provides quality, efficient and reliable DNS (Domain Name System) service, free of charge, for those who own a domain but do not have a name server or those who have difficulty in building or managing name servers.
  • Since the DNS service can be managed from one location even if Domain Registrars are different, it is convenient.
  • DNS systems of DNSEver are installed in top-tier data centers. Reliable DNS service is always available since optimum network and server environment are maintained at all times by the best system experts.
  • Since servers and system experts to operate the DNS are not needed if DNS service of DNSEver is used, time and cost to manage a domain can be saved.
They have all the features that PointHQ had with the exception of an API, but I didn't use that anyway.

So long story short, I'm going to save $30 per year by switching to the still free DNS service provided by DNSEver!

Do you use a free DNS provider? Who do you use? What do you like about them? Let us know in the comments!

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