Nov 13, 2012

The White House's Petition Site Has Sucky SSL. Sign My Petition!

There has been a lot of talk about secession lately since Barack Obama has been re-elected. If you haven't heard, many states have used the White House's petition site to request to secede from the union. While on one of the petition pages, I noticed that the site was protected with SSL. Since I am kind of as stickler for how SSL is implemented on a web server thanks to my own quest for PCI compliance, I decided to check their site out using the SSL Labs Tool. Check it out:

'C' rating for a government website? That is horrible! Now I wouldn't say that the petition site is a matter of national security, but this is still down right embarrassing. I have therefore started my own petition for the petition site to fix their SSL implementation! Please sign it here! LOL!

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