Nov 23, 2012

Forget ClamWin. Check Out Immunet 3.0 Free!

The other day I wrote about how you can use ClamWin with Clam Sentinel to have free open source virus protection with on-access protection. Plus you can use this in a business environment! Well there is actually a better solution, and it ties in with Windows Action Center unlike ClamWin and Clam Sentinel. Not only that, but it also uses ClamAV for it's engine when offline.

I'm talking about Immunet Free. From ClamAV's Site:

Immunet 3.0, powered by ClamAV utilizes advanced Cloud-based, community-based, and integrated ClamAV detection technology to help secure your PC. The 3.0 release fully integrates the core ClamAV detection engine to provide exceptional offline protections against the latest malware threats. The fast cloud based SPERO and ETHOS engines allows for a fast and light footprint with no need for continual signature updates keeping your system up-to-date with the latest protections in real-time. This hybrid approach provides a highly effective and customizable AV solution for Windows desktops in both your home, and your office. The fast and light footprint is ideal for laptops, gamers, and power users who just want their AV to do its job and stay out of their way.

While connected to the internet your computer is protected using their ETHOS and SPERO detection engines, but you also have the ability to enable ClamAV updates and the ClamAV detection engine as well for when your computer is offline. For some reason the Immunet site says offline protection is only available with their Pro version, but that's not true if you enable ClamAV.

I tested it out on my computer at home. I updated the ClamAV engine and disconnected from the internet then ran a scan. It still found two instances of malware on my machine. You can also schedule scans to make sure your system is safe offline or not!

The best part about this is that nowhere in their EULA do they say that you cannot use Immunet in your business. So yes, it is free for corporate use! In fact I found this on their forum from one of the administrators:

...we have no problems with people using the free version of Immunet in corporate environments.

The only real limitations I see with Immunet is that with the free version you can't scan incoming our outgoing email, and you can't scan local email databases like OST or PST files. Still that isn't a big deal since most email solutions these days have integrated antivirus. Gmail certainly does, and so do many spam filter companies.

Have any of you checked out Immunet? Like it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments. Right now this is the front runner in my opinion for a free business antivirus solution.

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