Nov 30, 2012

Repair A Hole in Your Sole On The Cheap!

This post is not going to deal with software or technology today, but something for anybody. Well, anybody who is super cheap anyway. This is for those of you who have the perfectly broken in pair of shoes that are super comfortable, yet they are so broken in that holes are starting to develop on the soles.

Sure you can take your shoes to a shoe repair store, but often times it's not cost effective to do that. The cost of getting a shoe re-soled is about the price of getting a new pair. I found a better solution that will only cost you about $2.88 from Amazon. I'm talking about fixing your shoe with a bicycle tire patch!

Check out these photos from Instructables:

Shoe With A Hole in The Sole

Mark The Area to Be Patched With A Crayon

Apply The Patch Glue

Apply Patch To The Area And Let Dry

When Dry Remove The Film From The Patch


Not a bad idea right? This is a super cheap way of getting a few more miles out of your favorite pairs of shoes!

Are you going to try it? Let us know how it goes in the comments!

[Via  Instructables]

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