Nov 14, 2012

Digital Engagements: Connecting With Consumers on Mobile Devices

Mobile engagement grants businesses the power of omniscience—as long as cell phones remain beside consumers, so too can businesses. The emerging necessity of meeting customers at their phones have companies scurrying to match competition and meet consumer demands. Correct implementation of mobile engagement yields immediate results and promises fortuitous growth for small businesses everywhere.

Live Chat

Live chat software is an incredibly effective method of mobile engagement to cut costs and improve sales. In real time, customers can ask contextual questions to a live agent for immediate answers. Its revolutionary chat software efficiently assists your website visitors. LivePerson chat solutions have proven to thwart shopping cart abandonment, increase sales by 20 percent and boost chances of sales by three times. Adding to its e-commerce value, their offerings also greatly benefit customer service. Your company can increase its satisfaction rate and save issue handling costs by 25 percent.

Photos Foil Words

According to, Instagram has surpassed Twitter in daily mobile engagement from data compiled by comScore in a mobile measurement report. Small businesses should consider jumping on the Instagram bandwagon to visually promote their brand, joining the others who have already found success with the photo sharing app. Red Bull posts photos from their worldwide events, NPR shows photojournalistic snapshots featuring current events and news, and Starbucks posts promotions and its variety of coffees. Brainstorm ideas to engage Instagram users with photos of your products or services to proliferate your brand.

Format & Mobile Mindfulness

Keep in mind, to engage customers on a mobile phone, it must be formatted correctly and optimized for a small screen. Prevent user eyestrain by constructing the web page to be easily read without unnecessary magnification. Limit rich media to ensure speedy and smooth navigation for users. Since modern phones are navigated via touch screen interaction, place links far apart to benefit finger accuracy. Being cognizant of platform differentials, such as those between the iPhone and Android, is a vital factor in the successful delivery of content to users regardless of device. Flash animation and videos works on the Android, for example, but is ineffective on the iPhone. Also consider implementing up and down scrolling only, limited key entry and navigation functions.

Customer Analytics

By setting your company app loose in the digital world, it will retrieve a wealth of valuable demographic and analytic information from your customers. Customer mobile use is a window into consumer tendencies—which can then be analyzed and put into effect. For example, an intelligently constructed app can supply you with geographic advertising effectiveness and what stores are frequented by individual customers. By raking in this data, marketing strategists can conduct a highly targeted campaign to pinpoint certain demographics. Another strategy of discovering consumer information is tactful placement of QR codes. Incite interaction by sending the consumer promotional material once scanned.

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