Sep 18, 2012

Obama's CISPA Bypass Executive Order Doesn't Address Privacy Concerns.

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Hopefully by now you have read, or heard about Obama's latest attempt at grabbing even more power for the federal government by bypassing the stalled CISPA bill in congress and signing his own CISPA like executive order. I even wrote about it here: (Obama Bypass CISPA)

Well I hate to tell you, but it doesn't get any better. You know how everyone hated CISPA because it didn't offer any protection for your privacy as an American? Well, neither does Obama's latest dictator-like act. According to RT:

A copy of the cybersecurity executive order currently being written by the Obama administration has been leaked to the Web, and the contents do little to calm the fears of those who suspected their privacy concerns wouldn’t be considered. 
Only days after journalists with both Federal News Radio and claimed to have come into possession with a copy of a cybersecurity executive order being readied by the White House, a draft assumed to be authored for the president has been leaked, and in it the Obama administration lays down the groundwork for interim cybersecurity measures following Congress’ failure to come to agreement on legislation of their own. But while the alleged executive order does not discuss the specifics of what the White House has in mind for protecting the country’s e-grid, it also fails to provide any safe guards for making sure that any sharing of personal information does not raise privacy concerns or cause any civil rights violations.

The post goes on to say:

Under earlier cyber legislation considered by Congress, private-sector entities, including businesses and telecom providers, would be offered federal incentives for openly providing the government with personal details offered up by their customers — the American public. Although the leaked copy does not describe any specific-handouts, it heavy handedly avoids explaining anything that will be done to handle the privacy concerns that were caused by earlier attempts at cyber bills.

This is a scary time for America people. How is this anything other that an act of a dictator? Obama so far has been the worst offender of using executive orders since WWII, and I fear for another 4 years with him as president.

Do you agree or disagree? Are you okay with this? Please voice your opinion about Obama abusing his power to bypass congress on CISPA in the comments.

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