Sep 10, 2012

Create Your Own Autorun Pwnage USB Thumb Drive

Hacker inside
Hacker inside (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Have you ever wanted to plug your USB drive into another person's computer and have it automatically make their computer yours? Well it turns out you can with the Social-Engineer Toolkit or SET available by default in Bauer-Puntu Linux.

Creating it is super simple as the following video will show. Just follow an easy to use terminal wizard to answer some basic questions then wait while SET compiles an executable and an autorun.inf file to launch your epic pwnage! Check out this video where a guy does this using SET on BackTrack Linux:

It's important to note that this attack will work best on Windows XP or Windows 2000 machines. Autorun is a different animal in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. That doesn't mean you couldn't copy your executable to someone's startup folder or something when they walk away for a cup of coffee right? Happy hacking!

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