Sep 7, 2012

Get Some Respect! Wear a Badge!

I have an interesting position because I work in a fairly small company. I am not only the Systems Engineer on staff, I am also the company Network Security Officer. With that comes certain responsibilities such as maintaining systems up-time, and also protecting the network from various cyber threats.

Because of this extremely important duty I thought I would do a quick Google search to see if there was an official badge I could get to let everyone know who the Sheriff in town was. Sure enough, not only did I find one, I found two!

The first one is the Network Security Agent Badge! This puppy goes for a mere $20! Why not right? Here are some pictures:

Similar to the Network Security Badge above is the Certified Systems Engineer badge! This badge also goes for only $20! Here is what that one looks like:

Imagine rolling into the office with one of these bad boys clipped to your belt or around your neck Police drug bust style with a badge holder! It's respect city Jack! At the very least, it will make an interesting desk toy and conversation starter :-)

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