Dec 16, 2011

Free Motion Detection Video Surveillance Software

Those who know me personally know that I'm a huge James Bond fan. One of the most memorable seens in a James Bond film for me comes from Dr. No where James is getting ready to leave his hotel room, but wants to know if someone breaks in. He does stuff like spreads some talcum powder on his brief case latches, and pulls out a single hair and places it over the crack in his closet doors. When he comes back there are finger prints in the talcum powder, and his hair on the closet door has been removed. Obviously someone was there.

Imagine it the Sean Connery Bond had access to today's technology. Too bad he doesn't, but you certainly do. Imagine you are on a business trip like 007 and you are getting ready to go out for a night of Baccarat, and wooing the ladies, and you want to know if someone has been in your room. All you need is your trusty laptop, a webcam and this really cool free software that will activate your webcam if it detects motion in the room.

Not only that the software can be configured to email you if it detects motion. That means that while you are yelling "banco" you can also check your email on your smart phone and know right away that someone is in your room looking for the "secret codes" or whatever it is you do.

The software is called TeboCam. Here are a couple of screen shots:


From Usman Javaid on Addictive Tips:

The usage [of TeboCam] is a bit complex but interface is quite self-explanatory. Diving deep into working mechanism, it actually looks for movements in focused window and on detecting a motion it will instantly send/upload the notification along with captured images to specified email and web page respectively. You also have an option for confining the focus further by drawing the focus window yourself. It also saves history of former events so you can access them easily. 

The best thing about this software is that unlike Bond's method above, not only do you know someone was in your room, but now you also have a picture of the person in your room. That means you know who it was, and you can track them down to exact your revenge... Or turn them over to the Police. Whatever...

Know of some other cool free security software like this? Is it something you think James Bond could use? Let us know about it in the comments! tags:            

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