Dec 15, 2011

The Evolution of The Geek [Infographic]

Funny, but when I was growning up the term geek was not something one would label themself normally. It was a derogatory word that those who were classified as being popular would call those around them that did well academically. Hell, it was something you called a kid just for wearing glasses, or because his parents couldn't afford higher end clothes. It's funny now how things have changed. They have changed for the better in my opinion.

These days geeks rule supreme. People are embracing their quirky behavior that makes them a 'geek' and are proudly waving the geek flag, and wearing the geek label like it's a badge of honor. Geeks are finally mainstream even in the media with very popular TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, Chuck, and The IT Crowd. It all started somewhere though didn't it? Take a look at this infographic I found that illustrates the evolution of the modern day geek!

The Evolution of the Geek
[Via Flowtown]


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