Dec 14, 2011

Cheat at Sending Holiday Cards

I hear about it every year. From my co-workers, from Facebook and Twitter, and from my family members. One of the most difficult customs to do during the holiday season is sending out Christmas cards to all your friends and family. For many people, it's an annual tradition, and they are happy to do it. For others, it's an annual obligation. Not to mention that if someone sends you are card, you now feel like you have to send them a card, and your mailing list doubles.

A few years ago my wife's cousin Tess started sending us cards in the mail that she would order online and have it send directly to us from the printer. When I got the card I immediately thought it was a great idea! It totally takes the burden away of writing out hundreds of cards, and licking and stamping hundreds of envelopes. It's sort of like Amazon that way, where you can find a gift someone wants, have it giftwrapped and mailed directly to them just by clicking a few buttons!

The problem with Tess's site is it's one of those multi-level marketing programs that you have to enroll in just to use. What if you don't have any interest in selling cards to people? What if you just want to buy cards, have them printed and mailed for you? I found a site that will do it. Just design your card, enter in all your recipients, and check out. No selling required!

The site is called Cardvio. This is not a paid review either, it's just a little piece of online technology I thought I would share with you to help you get through the holidays easier. How does it work? From their page:

Follow these 4 Easy Stepsdad tied up for christmas by mary bauer

1. Select a card.
2. Personalize your card by adding photos, pictures, and text.
3. Address the card to your recipient(s).
4. Submit it for printing and mailing.

Your card is immediately queued for printing, and will be sent in the mail shipment early next morning.

This is genius if you ask me! Anything that saves me some time and work is totally worth it! Know of any other services like this? How do you feel about bulk card buying online? Awesome idea or what? Let us know in the comments. tags:

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