Dec 28, 2011

Awesome Simple Free Embedded FLV Flash Player

I began the search the other day for a good embedded flash player that I could use to play my own custom FLV files over on Tech Chop. Normally I would just embed my video from Youtube, but in my latest episode I got a new sponsor that is paying per download. Awesome! The only problem with that is my videos from sites like Youtube,, Viddler etc. aren't getting counted. No count, no pay!

In order for my video's to be counted, I have to be able to add a custom download tracker redirect from my partners at the Tech Podcast Network. That also means that I have to use a custom player where I can use a custom download URL for my video. I tried a few others like JW Player, and Flowplayer, but I didn't like them too much. Plus they had so many damned files you had to host somewhere, and configuration was just more complicated than it needed to be.

I found one out of Russia that is way easier to use, and you only need to host ONE file! It's called GDD FLV Player. Here are the features from their page:

  • Fully customized control panel
  • Publish your FLV or mp4 video to website with a few clicks
  • Add video to any of your Flash projects in seconds
  • Play commercials or any custom intro
  • Use your own logo in player
  • Use any size you want
  • No tricks, no scams, it is totally free
  • No special programming skills required

True, I still won't get download credit for sites like Youtube, but if you watch my latest Tech Chop here on Bauer-Power, on or anywhere else I guest blog, I can now use my custom player to make sure I get the credit.

Know of any other embedable media players that eare easy to use? How about some you don't have to host yourself? Let us know what you use in the comments! tags:       

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