Aug 2, 2010

Tech Chop! Ep1 – What is Hardware Virtualization?

As you may or may not know, I decided to create a separate site for my video podcasts. That way I can sort of brand the videos separately, and I can feel free to reach back and re-use content that I have written about here at Bauer-Power. Why not right? Besides, when you hear the name “Bauer-Power” if you have never heard of my blog, you wouldn’t immediately think of it as something that revolves around computers and technology right? Hence the name Tech Chop was born!

In this episode, I decided to answer an email I received from a viewer of the old Bauer-Power videos. His name was Terrance, and he wanted to learn more about virtualization, and what exactly it is. I mean, it’s a cool buzz-word right? Right up there with “cloud computing". It’s funny but virtualization, and cloud-computer actually go hand-in-hand as most cloud computing companies, offer their cloud services by using virtualization!

So here it is, episode 1 of Tech Chop!


Did I miss a favorite virtualization product of yours? Care to share some other benefits of virtualization that I neglected to mention? What virtualization software do you use in your environment? Let us know in the comments!


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