Aug 30, 2010

Tech Chop! Ep. 2 How To Securely Wipe a Hard Drive Using Linux

Since the month is basically over, I decided to go ahead and release episode two of Tech Chop. The email in this video actually comes from a former co-worker of mine who was looking to use Bauer-Puntu to wipe some hard drives on servers before donating them to a local charity. If you didn't know there are two utilities that you can use to do this in Bauer-Puntu. The one I show you in this episode is called Shred.

The reason you want to securely wipe a drive before donating it, or selling it on eBay is that if you don't, the potential for the next owner of your equipment obtaining your financial records, or finding your secret stash of porn vids is pretty good. Simply formatting your drive isn't good enough to prevent this, as most of the data still exists on the drive. The only way you can make sure people can't recover that data is to over-write the drive multiple times with random 1's and 0's.

Now that you have a basic idea of what the show is about, here is episode two of Tech Chop!

What do you like to use to wipe hard drives? How many passes do you usually do? Let us know in the comments!

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