Aug 23, 2010

Hide Your Torrents in Plain Site

I was surfing the internet the other day when I came across something pretty interesting. I know the idea isn’t knew per se because I have blogged about doing something similar before, but this new twist seems pretty cool. It’s cool because it basically lets you trade torrent files in plain site, and the bloodhounds at the RIAA and MPAA can’t search for them. Go ahead and say it, “F**K the RIAA (or MPAA)”!

The thing I came across allows you to convert a simple torrent file of 250kb or less into a png image that you can post anywhere. Flicker, Facebook, basically anywhere you can share images. Then people can find that image, and using this tool, can convert it back to a torrent and download their stuff. Simple!

The tool is called It also has it’s own Firefox extension so you can convert torrents to png, or vice versa anywhere! From their page, here are some sample torrents:


  • Torrent

    sameer verma - olpc photo dvd.torrent

  • Torrent

    legaltorrents collections - web development icons superset.torrent

  • Torrent

    politics apocalypse - oppressed by the authorities remix sources.torrent

Pretty cool right? Now this only keeps the authorities from finding your torrent files online via search, however once you convert it and start downloading whatever it is you are downloading, it will not prevent people from grabbing your IP address from the tracker. So make sure you are only using this for legit torrents ok ;-P

Know of any other interesting ways to hide your torrent activity? Let us know in the comments!

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