Aug 27, 2010

Permaban for players with Halo: Reach


If you have downloaded the leaked Halo: Reach and play it on Xbox Live watch out: Microsoft will kick your ass from Xbox Live forever.

Stephen Toulouse, Microsoft's director of Policy Enforcement for Xbox Live, said they’ll permanently ban anyone who plays the leaked game on Xbox Live.

He posted on his Twitter acount.  "as with all unauthorized play on Xbox LIVE, anyone playing any unauthorized title runs the risk of account permaban and console." And "remember, legit store bought copy runs no risk of ban. Key word: UNAUTHORIZED. We have ways of knowing. :>."

Toulouse did not say if they have or have not already banned some people, but it's clear that Microsoft is acting quickly to deter players from pirating the game.

Halo: Reach is set to be released on September 14. Last week, copies of the game started coming up on P2P (torrent) sites like The Pirate Bay.

Now that’s not to say if you disconnect yourself from Xbox Live and play the game that they will be able to catch you at all. So you can always download and play it to get the upper hand on all your friends that wait for the official release.

Photo Credit to Bungie Studios

By: FreedomChicken

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