Jun 15, 2009

You Are The Controller

Have you seen it yet? I’m talking about one of the coolest things to hit the gaming seen since mutha friggin’ Frogger! Okay, so maybe Frogger wasn’t that cool, but this thing is.

I am talking about the new hotness that Microsoft laid down at the recent E3 Expo in Los Angeles. This is a new way to play games on the XBox 360, and that new way is without a remote. Actually, YOU are the controller to be more precise.

The Nintendo Wii has nothing on this sucker. Many people liked the Wii because it let them get up and get more involved with their games. The Wii however still required a controller. This new way of playing games with the XBox 360 doesn’t require a controller at all. It only requires You!

Check it out, Project Natal:

What do you think about this? When it finally comes out are you going to get one? I honestly think this is my IN to convince my wife to let me have an XBox 360.

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