Jun 1, 2009

The Best Video Editor For Linux

I have been searching, and searching for a long time to find a good, reliable video editor for Linux. I needed one that was easy to use like Windows Movie Maker, and just as intuitive. I believe I have found a good candidate.

I just started playing with it today, but so far I have to say this one is very intuitive, and have a very easy to use interface. It is called Open Movie Editor. Currently it is only available to Linux operating systems, so you Windows and Mac users can just suck it I guess :-P

I tried using Kino for a while, but it just wasn't working out for me. I also tried Cinelerra, and Jahshaka, but those are too advanced for me. There are a few others, but none of them frankly compare to Windows Movie Maker, and that is sad frankly because Windows Movie Maker isn't even that good!

Here is a screen shot of me playing with it:

Here is a video tutorial from the creator of Open Movie Editor:

If you are an Ubuntu user, intallation is easy. Just install it from the repositories using apt-get!

>sudo apt-get install openmovieeditor

So what video editors do you use in Linux? Know of a better one than Open Movie Editor? Hit me up in the comments with your favorites!

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