Jun 3, 2009

Who Wants a Free Microsoft Technet Subscription?

I just saw a pretty cool retweet on Twitter from @digininja talking about a free Microsoft Technet subscription! Gee, do I want cool free exclusive downloads, IT news, and updates about the haps at Microsoft? Umm... Yes please!

Of course, this is available only to U.S., U.K., and Canadian Residents, so sorry to you other international Bauer-Power readers. Microsoft is basically saying you can go pound sand. Don't worry though, there will always be a special place for you in my heart ;-P

For those of you (like my boss) who aren't familiar with Technet, here is a description from Wikipedia:

Microsoft TechNet is a Microsoft program and resource for technical information, news, and events for IT professionals. Along with a website, they also produce a monthly subscription magazine titled "TechNet Magazine".

TechNet was originally available only to customers with paid subscriptions; however, it has been expanded to include public information, webcasts, local events, and free newsletters. They have also started an open source blog on April 6, 2006 called Port 25 to publicly explore that business model and provide discussion forums.

I signed up for mine, now I have free access to all of Microsoft's software including operating systems! I am downloading a copy of Vista Ultimate right now. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Normally a subscription like this goes for about $399 per user, so you HAVE to take advantage of this right now! This subscription will only last until September 30th (Convenient right? it ends just before they release Windows 7 to the public in October).

Okay, so how do you claim your free subscription? Just click one of these links of course:

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