Jun 19, 2009

Remember When Megabytes Were Expensive?

My buddy Sundance sent me this picture the other day, and I almost fell out of my chair. Looking at old advertisements like this makes you almost snicker inside considerent what you can get these days for under $30! Seriously, you can get a Bauer-Power Gear 4 GB USB drive for $24.99.

When you consider that, then paying almost $3,000 for 15 MB seems pretty outrageous. Back then though, it was probably a bargain!

Not only is the disk almost $3000 by itself, you also have to spend almost $80 on the appropriate installation kit! Are you friggin kidding me?

Check out the ad I'm talking about:

Thankfully I entered the I.T. game when I did. I couldn't imagine forking over that kind of dough for so little storage capacity. What about you? Were you working in the computer field when 15 MB was a premium amount of space? Do you remember paying these prices? Let us know know in the comments!

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