Apr 20, 2008

The World Of Warcraft Keyboard, If Your Serious About Your Game Play

If you ask people if they know any online game, chances are the first name they come up with is World of Warcraft. Even if these people never play online games most of the time they ll come up with that name. That s not so strange if you consider the number of people playing World of Warcraft, how many servers and clients and other components (we are talking millions) are involved and then there is the news coverage. All this makes that even non players know about the game. A question I often hear from non players who have seen people playing the game is How does a person navigate through World of Warcraft? The answer is simple, by using a World of Warcraft keyboard. A World of Warcraft keyboard can be two things. When someone says they play on a World of Warcraft keyboard it can be either a normal keyboard that s configured to function within the game, or it can be a special keyboard that was made to be used with World of Warcraft.

The normal keyboard

The standard keyboard that is connected to your PC or MAC is good enough for World of Warcraft game playing. The game, World of Warcraft, knows about standard keyboard strokes, when you use the directional keys the avatar will move on the screen. You can also use some keystrokes to give direct commands. You can communicate in the game, things like yelling, screaming or any other emotion can be accomplished by using different words. And naturally you can use the keyboard in game communication to let your characters say what you want them to.

world of warcraftYou can go a step further and configure your keyboard with shortcuts for, so called, controller functions. These special World of Warcraft shortcuts can be used so you, the player, don t need to go through all the menus just to do one action. This way you can do all kinds of actions like searching your inventory or even exit, save and restart the game with just a simple keystroke. This, when you get the hang of it, will save you a lot of time. Time you need to spend on the game play itself. And you can configure the keyboard to your own liking, change the keystrokes or the actions. This way you can get a good level of compatibility in the game. Maybe you need to rely on your fighting techniques in battle or you rely more on healing, either way you can configure the keyboard to your style of game play.

The special World of Warcraft keyboard

There is a special keyboard available from the creators of World of Warcraft. This keyboard makes it much easier for World of Warcraft players. The game recognizes the keyboard configuration and you don t have to configure your own keyboard just so you can use all the different shortcuts and keystrokes. It s plug and play. The World of Warcraft keyboard has a normal setup but also has an extra set of keys with which you control certain aspects of the game. Because the World of Warcraft keyboard also has a normal setup you can use it in your day to day routine outside of the game for word processing or other tasks.

If you want to play World of Warcraft faster without the need of scrolling through the menus you should start configuring your keyboard for the game and learn to use those shortcuts. And if you are serious about your World of Warcraft game play you should set your mind towards the special World of Warcraft keyboard designed by the creators of the game.

By: Jenny Cumbersome

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