Apr 25, 2008

Installing VMWare Server on Ubuntu 8.04

A few days ago I was having problems installing VMWare Server on Ubuntu 8.04, so I asked for some community help with it. Well, sorry to say that you guys were no help. I did however figure out what needed to be done.

Basically what you need to do is follow my "hard way" instructions for installing VMWare server on Ubuntu 7.04 with a few minor changes:

  1. Download and use VMWare-Any-Any-Update116 instead
  2. When finished, before running VMWare do the following in a terminal:

  3. sudo cp /lib/libgcc_s.so.1 /usr/lib/vmware/lib/libgcc_s.so.1/

    sudo cp /usr/lib/libpng12.so.0 /usr/lib/vmware/lib/libpng12.so.0/

From what I can tell, this is because the VMWare package was compiled with a different version of gcc.

Have you gotten VMWare server up and running in the new version of Ubuntu? Did you do it differently? Is their an easier way that you have found? Hit me up in the comments.

[EDIT] - Have you tried Ubuntu 9.04 yet? Installing VMWare on Ubuntu 9.04 is a piece of cake! Check out my post about installing VMWare Server 2 on Ubuntu 9.04 here: (VMWare on Jaunty)

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