Apr 21, 2008

Problems Installing VMWare Server on Ubuntu 8.04b

Hey guys! I am finding myself with some down time today, and thought I would check in with this puzzler. I have written before about how to install the free VMWare Server on Ubuntu. Before I outlined two basic ways of doing this. First, the hard way, and then finally I figured out the easy way though apt-get.

Well, with the beta version of Ubuntu I can't get it installed using the hard way, or the easy way. I take that back, I got it to install using the latest vmware-any-any patch (update16) but it just won't run!

vmware ubuntu hardy heronI have read some forums on the subject and it appears a lot of people are having the same problem, or VMWare will break after they upgrade from 7.10. Perhaps, I should just wait 3 more days until the final release comes out to fiddle with it again, but I wanted to know if anyone out there in interweb land had figured out a fix for it.

If you have fixed it, please let me know what you did in the comments!

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