Apr 28, 2008

AVG Free 8.0.1 Now Available!

This weekend I was setting up a new virtual Windows XP workstation on my Ubuntu laptop, and decided I should get some virus protection. Out of my many options for free anti virus, I thought I would go with old faithful, AVG. AVG and Avast! have always been my top two favorite free anti viruses. AVG beats out Avast with easy of use in my opinion. Even if you disagree, the fact that you have to re-register Avast is a turning off point, because how many ignorant losers...errr...users do you think are out there who don't know their anti virus has expired? With AVG, the average person can install it and forget it.

Anyway, so I go to download the free anti virus, and low and behold they have finally released version 8.0.1 free! Version 8.0 of their premium product has been out for a while, but now they have finally upgraded their free version too. Let me tell you, this new version is pretty bad ass in my opinion. Here are some things I noticed right off the bat:

  1. Anti-spyware protection: That's right, this puppy now protects your from Spyware and Adware along with virus protection.
  2. Link Scanner: Direct quote from AVG, "LinkScanner blocks dangerous websites and checks links on the most popular search engines for threats."

AVG Free 8.0.1
Not to mention the same effective resident shield on-access scanner and virus scanner you have all grown to love!

If you have an older version of AVG, or you have an expired anti virus product, check out the latest version of AVG.

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