Aug 17, 2007

Where to get the good buys

People I run into often ask me if I can get them a good deal on a new computer, or new equipment. The truth, sadly I can't. I can, however, lead you in the right direction. I get almost all of my stuff online. It really is the best place to find computers and computer equipment, and is 9 times out of ten cheaper to buy online than to run down to CompUSA, or Best Buy for your computer needs. In this article, I will name off three of my favorite online vendors in no particular order.

By the way, these guys aren't endorsing me or this post. I just genuinely like doing business with these guys.

First off on my list I will recommend I have purchased tons of stuff through NewEgg including the processor, motherboard and power supply for my desktop PC. I got great deals for all of them. They also provide customer reviews so you have a good idea of the product you are about to purchase. They also have a good return policy (except they charge a 15% restocking fee on most items).

Next on my list is Tiger Direct. These guys have a great selection and their prices are really good. I have bought a few things from them and highly recommend them.

Last on my list are the Geeks over at Bar-none, these guys have the best deals I have ever seen. Sometimes you may come across some bad eggs in their items because they are so cheap, but most of the time you just get great deals on good stuff. These guys are just north of me up in Oceanside California if you ever want to go to their show room (which I have a few times). I just bought a refurbished 1.8GHz Pentium IV PC with 512MB of ram to use as an extra computer at home for only $120. That includes shipping and handling. You can't beat that anyplace! That computer is trucking along too with no problems!

If you have your favorite online places to shop for tech deals, hit me up in the comments. I would love to hear about it!

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