Aug 27, 2007

Getting MP3's from Youtube!

Let me tell you a little story. I was listening to the radio when this really cool song came on. It was one of those songs where it sounds really cool, but you can't understand a damn thing the singer is saying. Anyway, I figured out the name of the song by going to the radio stations website right after the song was sung to look at their list of the last ten songs, then going to Frostwire and downloading all ten and listening to each one (The song was Dance of the Manatee by Fair to Midland by the way).

Well the version I downloaded off Frostwire was slightly different to the one I heard on the radio. It wasn't quite as good. It wasn't the quality of the MP3 that was bad, the artist just sang it slightly differently. the version I liked was the radio edit version. So I went to Youtube and looked up their video. The video version was the same as the radio, and that is the version I wanted! I decided to download the Youtube video using my Youtube downloader (You have to add the .flv extension on the end of the file you download for it to work). I converted it to avi format using Freez FLV to Mpeg tool. Once I had it in avi format, I was able to extract the audio using my new I found called Free Video to MP3 Converter! I could have made my life easier and used their Free Youtube to Mp3 converter as well. Anyway, I now have the MP3 version I want and I got it using free software, and a music video on Youtube! Check it out for yourself!

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