Aug 30, 2007

System Restore.... From the Command Line

I had a computer today that reacted a little funny to an install of McAfee Virus Scan. After the reboot it didn't agree with McAfee's OnAccess drivers. Long story short it would give me a BSOD at reboot. I tried Last Known Good, but then it would hang indefinitely. I tried to boot into safe mode (without networking), that was a no-go also, it too would just hang indefinitely. All I wanted to do was a simple system restore!!!

Never fear, Captain Command line is here!

I rebooted into safe mode with command prompt. It booted right up. I logged in and like clockwork, got only the command prompt. I ran the following command:


The system restore GUI popped up and I was able to restore to before the install. Thanks Captain Command line!

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