Feb 26, 2018

Is Google Affecting the Attention Span of Young People?

Ever pondered on the above title question? Is it something to speculate about? Does any action need to be taken? Is the young generation seriously in trouble? Read on to find out.

As I would reflect, the young generation's attention span is more on their cell phones or GPS whether they are driving or are on a ride in a bus, taxi or train.

Nowadays more and more young people are relying on Google maps for street directions. Gone are the days when people would look for street signs, block numbers and building numbers to locate a new or unknown address.

While in the good old days, people's outlook was more on the environment here and there getting the grasp of a broader scope, with the invention of cell phones, GPS & Google maps, the young people's outlooks are confined to these little screens instead of grasping a broader outlook of the environment.

So I would say yes, Google is constricting the attention span of young people. Does any measure need to be taken to broaden the outlook of the young generation?

Well, when they know the directions already, they can be free, look around, enjoy mother nature and environment, breathe and take in fresh air. So they don't always have to look up Google maps on their cell phones. They can actually experience a broader spectrum while driving or on a ride.

So if they need to look up Google only during a little of their time, it is still okay. Because majority of their times young people with cell phones will be going to schools and that is something they are habituated and would definitely have the option of looking around, driving and taking in the outdoor scenes and sceneries.

As a result, it is really not something alarming. After all, this is the millennium era and lots of inventions are being made. Young people do need to stay updated with all the modern applications and gadgets. So do all the older people. Everyone needs to be knowledgeable and up-to-date with the modern day and fall in pace of today's world.

Therefore, if the young generation is whiling some of their time away on Google maps on confined screens to locate new addresses, be it. They deserve that liberty and that privilege. They aren't doing anything wrong but doing something with more accuracy and precision. And that's something the modern millennium is about. Don't you think so?

By Rosina S Khan

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