Feb 13, 2018

Chart that shows the Linux file system hierarchy

I ran across an interesting chart that broke down the Linux file system hierarchy in a way that makes it a little easier to understand. This chart is very helpful for those that are new to Linux and is also helpful to anyone who needs to refresher.

The chart was created by the guys at BlackMoreOps.

From their page:

What is a file in Linux? What is file system in Linux? Where are all the configuration files? Where do I keep my downloaded applications? Is there really a filesystem standard structure in Linux? Well, the above image explains Linux file system hierarchy in a very simple and non-complex way. It’s very useful when you’re looking for a configuration file or a binary file. I’ve added some explanation and examples below, but that’s TL;DR. 
Another issue is when you got configuration and binary files all over the system that creates inconsistency and if you’re a large organization or even an end user, it can compromise your system (binary talking with old lib files etc.) and when you do security audit of your Linux system, you find it is vulnerable to different exploits. So keeping a clean operating system (no matter Windows or Linux) is important.

Below is the chart

Click the image to view it better

The article where the chart was originally posted goes way more into depth on the Linux file system, what it is, what each directory is used for, types of files, etc.

If you were ever confused about how the Linux files system works, hopefully this helps to clear things up a bit.

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