Jan 30, 2018

Tired of Facebook? Launch your own social network site for free!

It's kind of funny. You hear a lot of people complain about Facebook, but you almost never see anyone quit Facebook. You might see some folks drop off for a while, but they inevitably come back. Hell, I was one of them!

Well, what if instead of bitching about how much someone hates Facebook they actually did something about it and launched their own alternative to Facebook?!? Well, now you can!

Introducing OSSN (Open Source Social Network)! From their about page:
Open Source Social Network (Ossn) is a rapid development social networking software written in PHP. It allows you to make a social networking website.
Ossn can be use to build different types of social apps.
  • Private Intranets
  • Public/Open Networks
  • Community
They also list the following features:
Here are some screenshots:

I even found this Youtube video showing you how to make OSSN look like Facebook. Warning, the music is annoying...

Once you have your new social networking site stood up, you are off to the races. Your next step is trying to recruit all of your friends to leave Facebook and use your new social network... How to do that is for another blog post though!

What do you think about OSSN? Let us know in the comments!

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