Jan 2, 2018

New Bauer-Power bumper stickers are in

Great news folks! I just got my shipment of Bauer-Power bumper stickers in! Even better news is that I am going to be giving them away along with my Do Not Consent stickers and my 5th Amendment stickers when you order your free Powered by Ubuntu stickers! It's like sticker overload!

Here's what the new bumper stickers look like:

Here is what they look like on the back of my dirty SUV:

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, guess what? I will also throw in one of my new Mainwashed bumper stickers too!

If you haven't heard about Mainwashed, it's a right leaning libertarian news aggregation site that seeks to bring you lots of news in one place in order to fight the brainwashing you get from the mainstream lying media. 

If you are all about freedom, and you value your constitutional rights, then you would probably like Mainwashed. If you don't value that sort of thing, and are more into left-wing shit, like communism or whatever, you might want to give the sticker to your parents. They will appreciate it...

Anyway, to get these stickers, just follow the instructions at http://stickers.bauer-power.net!

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