Jan 22, 2018

If you are ordering IT equipment, you should check out Amazon first

If your company is like mine, there are probably one or two hardware/software resellers you go through to get your stuff. I've used companies like CDW, SHI, TIG and Softchoice to name a few. There are numerous ones out there!

Sometimes using these guys can get you decent deals on hardware and software because they can sometimes work out deals with the manufacturer. Other times, their prices are just too damned high!

To give you and example, a few months ago I was asked to get a quote for a Cisco Wired Microphone Kit for a Unified IP Conference Phone 8831. One of my resellers sent us a quote for $249.99 for a pack of two!

Good Lawd hamercy! Almost $250 for a microphone kit? I decided to check for the same item on Amazon. The SKU was CP-MIC-WIRED-S, and Amazon had it for only $99!

On top of that, this product was Amazon Prime eligible! That meant free two day shipping! The same pack of two microphones for $150 cheaper with free shipping? Why wouldn't I buy it from Amazon?

There are tons of items I've seen this with. The next time you need to get a quote from one of your resellers, check the SKU with Amazon first before you buy and be a company hero!

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