May 6, 2013

Youtube Channel Providers To Begin Charging Subscription Fees

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The latest plan for the online video giant Youtube that is owned by Google is launching a new test where they will allow certain channels to begin charging fees. The fees will be around $1.99 per month, and most of the other channels on Youtube will remain free.

From Mercury News:

A YouTube official told this newspaper that, "We have nothing to announce at this time, but we're looking into creating a subscription platform that could bring even more great content to YouTube for our users to enjoy and provide our partners with another vehicle to generate revenue from their content, beyond the rental and ad-supported models we offer." 
YouTube's plans for a subscription model follow efforts by companies such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon to attract viewers to their video services. 
Eventually, even YouTube videos that charge subscription fees likely will carry ads, said David Burch, communications director for TubeMogul, an Emeryville-based video ad buying company.
I like many channels on Youtube, but I'm not sure I would pay to subscribe to any of them.

What about you? Would you pay to subscribe to Epic Meal Time, or Epic Rap Battles of History? Let us know in the comments.

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