May 28, 2013

How To Upgrade The Firmware On A Dell PowerConnect Switch Via HTTP

I recently purchased two Dell PowerConnect 3448P's for my company's office to replace some super cheap Trendnet TEG-448WS's which happen to be really terrible with VoIP.

While configuring the 3448P's I saw that the firmware on them were a few versions out of date so I decided to upgrade the firmware before putting them into production, but I wanted to do it via the web interface. The instructions that came with the firmware only tell you how to upgrade using TFTP or Xterm. If you want to know how to do it via HTTP, you are S#it out of luck I guess. Well not anymore.

Actually to upgrade the firmware via HTTP is pretty easy, just not intuitive. To perform the firmware upgrade, just do the following:

NOTE: Before beginning make sure your running configuration is saved!

  • Browse to System > File management > File Download
  • Change the radio button to Download via HTTP
  • Make sure the Destination File drop down option is set to Software Image, then browse for your *.ros file
  • Click Apply changes

  • Next change the Destination File drop down option to Boot Code, then browse to the rfb file.
  • Click Apply changes.

Now your firmware is uploaded to your switch, but it is not active yet. To start using the new firmware you must do the following:

  • Browse to System > File Management > Active image
  • Change the After Reset drop down to whatever the opposite image of what is currently active (i.e. If Image1 is currently active, select Image2. Or if Image2 is currently active, select Image1)
  • Click Apply

  • Now browse to System > General > Reset
  • Check the Reset Unit check box, then click Apply Changes

That's it! Now your switch will reboot and when it comes back up it will be on the new firmware. You can check which version is running by browsing to System > General > Versions in the web interface.

Did this help you out? If so, let us know in the comments.
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