May 13, 2013

DirecTV Will Stay the Course

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DirecTV, one of the leading satellite television providers in the country, always seems to be in competition with its main competitor, Dish Network. When you see their television commercials, they are always talking about why one or the other is better. However, just because one of them decides to branch out in their ventures doesn't mean the other will necessarily follow. For instance, DirecTV is taking a stand and staying the course with satellite TV instead of making the same changes as Dish Network.

Dish Network's Changes

Dish Network has recently made a bid of $25.5 million in hopes to acquire Sprint Nextel to build an American powerhouse company. While Sprint will not vote on the deal with Dish Network versus a different deal presented by a Japanese company that is looking to create an international mobile phone market. If Dish Network wins this bid, they will become more than a satellite television company; they will also be able to offer their customers mobile service. However, it also means they will need to diversify their workforce, stretching their resources to the limit, especially as they become established.

Will DirecTV Follow?

In this type of market, what one company does, the rest typically follow. So why is DirecTV uninterested in expanding into a mobile market? The answer is simple. DirecTV is dedicated to providing their customers with the utmost in service for what they do best -- pay television services. Currently, DirecTV is second only to Comcast in revenue and subscriptions, which means they have no need to expand into other markets, such as mobile phones. The company has been looking into purchasing online viewing options, such as Hulu and Netflix, but they have expressed no interest in getting involved with the highly competitive mobile phone market in the United States. They prefer to keep their focus on quality television for their customers.  If you want to check out special offers for new accounts check out

New Series Production

Instead of focusing on expanding into a mobile market, DirecTV has been focusing its money and investments elsewhere. As of this year, DirecTV is entering into the world of producing its own television shows to provide their audience with viewing experiences they can't get through any of the other pay channels. The first series by Neil LaBute called "Full Circle" will provide viewers a peak into the lives of 11 people whose lives are intertwined in some way, even though they don't realize it. This is a unique show that is designed to garner interest and potentially bring in more customers.

Though it may seem logical for a satellite television provider to dabble in the area of mobile phones due to the number of people who view videos via this channel, DirecTV has their sights set on something much different. Instead of offering their customers with mobile phone options, they are creating new television shows and offering their viewers experiences they can't get through other satellite providers, cable television providers or network television, helping them stand one step ahead of the competition to maintain their current position.

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