Dec 10, 2012

The Amazing Lego Computer

I found something pretty cool that I wanted to share with you. A man and his son back in 2003 built a very awesome computer case made entirely out of Lego bricks, with it they created a simple email computer that runs Windows 98. Check out the video:

 Here are some screenshots for his website:

Yeah, some of you might scoff that he is running Windows 98, but seriously the OS is not the point of this awesome project this man did with his son. It's a very cool piece of Lego art that just happens to be functional!

This guys isn't the first to build a computer out of Legos. Did you know that the first storage unit Google ever had was built with Legos? It didn't look as good as the one above though.

Check out his website, where they are asking for donations so they can get a 7" LCD screen to add to the case that looks like an electric billboard!

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