Dec 13, 2012

4KB of IBM Memory Was Bigger Than Your Desktop Computer Back In the Day

When I first got into IT back in 2004 a majority of computers in the office I worked at had 256MB of RAM or 512MB of RAM. I remember sitting in on a meeting with the VP of IT at that time and the discussion of ordering new desktops came up and he said that he didn't want to order anything less than 1GB for desktops.

Fast forward to my current position where I am the Network and Security Manager of a technology company working on the budget for next year and I am pricing out computers with 16GB of RAM for our developers. We've come a long way! Well I found this photo online of an old "stick" of 4KB memory that was once used by IBM, and the funny thing is that it's bigger than most desktop computers are these days! Check it out!

This image is roughly 48KB in size that means that in order to view this picture with that old piece of memory I would need at least 12 of them just to render the picture! Crazy!
[Via TSG]

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