Jul 5, 2011

XenConvert Failed To Snapshot

As many of you know I am setting up some virtualization awesomeness at my day job to replace to old aging servers, and some sub-par servers running on desktop class computers. Everything is going swimmingly transitioning from physical to virtual using XenServer!

I am down to my last physical server running on a desktop now, and I have run into a little bit of a snag. When I run XenConvert to try and do a physical to virtual conversion on it, It fails telling me that it failed to snapshot. Damn! One one to go and I am done with these crappy hunks of junk forever and this happens?

No biggie, I have a pretty good work around. The cool thing about XenServer is that it uses VHD format for the virtual hard disks. That happens to be the same format as Microsoft Virtual PC and Hyper-V. The great thing about that is there is a free tool from Microft's Sysinternals that will create virtual clones of your hard drives in VHD format called Disk2VHD!

All I had to do because XenConvert was unable to snapshot, was to run Disk2VHD to create the virtual drives. After that, I was able to use XenConvert to import the VHD into XenCenter without issue. All I had to do was modify the default CPU and RAM the XenConvert gave it. Easy Pasy!

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