Jul 6, 2011

Free Open Source Time Card Management

At my day job I have myself an employee. Yes, good ol' El Di Pablo is finally in a management type role! Anyway, like most junior IT people, my employee is an hourly employee. At my company I found out that we use Paychex Time in a Box software as a time clock management solution even though we no longer use Paychex for our payroll. They just keep it around for $50 per month because the ADP solution is way more expensive.

So I says to my Payroll manager, "I can probably find you something better than Paychex Time in a Box for free", and she tells me she would like to see that. Finding free software is my speciality! So I hopped on Google, looked around for a bit and found what I think will serve her quite nicely! It's called TimeTrex Standard Edition.

Not only is TimeTrex free, it will also run on Windows, Mac or in Linux. I have it running on Ubuntu 11.04 Server edition, and it works great! Here is a list of features from their website:

  • Employee Scheduling module with flexible pattern scheduling that minimizes data entry and eliminates the need to manually create schedules on a regular basis.
  • Time and Attendance module to efficiently track and monitor employee attendance, including tardiness, missed punches, overtime and vacation time.
  • Payroll module with fully integrated start to finish payroll processing at the click of a button, tax and benefit calculations, tax reports, check printing and direct deposit functionality.
  • NO employee limits, NO time limits, NO annoying advertising!

Payroll is a very important part of a business. I mean if you can't pay your employees for their time, then you won't be in business very long. It's also important to keep your Payroll information secure. TimeTrex encrypts your data at the database level on the server, and since it's a web-based app you can secure the information in transit easily with SSL.

If you do what I did, run TimeTrex on Linux with an SSL cert from StartSSL, then you have yourself a 100% free Payroll, time keeping solution!

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