Jul 26, 2011

There, I fixed it!

Yesterday while waiting on my cup of coffee to brew on the office Keurig machine, a co-worker from the sales team came in and began telling me about her laptop because I’m one of the office IT guys. Most of the time when someone starts out like that, they are looking for free tech support, but not her. She just wanted to tell me about her laptop because of how funny it is.

You see, a while back apparently she busted the monitor off her laptop. I don’t know if she dropped it or what, but the monitor got busted off it’s hinges, and the only thing keeping it together are the little video cables. Since the cables are still there, the monitor and laptop are still fully functional!

Not wanting to throw out her busted ass laptop, using one of her friend’s suggestions, she started propping up the laptop screen with a book end! In disbelief I asked her to send me pics so I could post them here for you. Check it out!






I don’t think many of us would keep using the laptop in this condition. I think most of us would suck it up, and make the case to replace the laptop, but bless my co-workers heart for MacGyvering her laptop to keep that sucker usable!

Have you done something like this? Do you know someone that’s done this? Let us know in the comments!

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