Sep 14, 2010

Know your Browser: Internet Explorer

With IE9 Beta just around the corner I figured I’d start off my new series of posts, Know your Browser, with the infamous Internet Explorer. From it’s roots in 1995 it has come a long way. Unfortunately it got old, obese and lazy. They stopped keeping up with the times and tried to make a come back in IE 7-8 but still fell short with no HTML5 support, ect… Granted I was a fan of IE 8 when it came out. But that was until I actually used it for a few weeks with 10+ tabs open constantly and it got slow again.

IE8 would rank about a 5 / 10 not the worst browser out there, but with it’s quirks of being able to let web pages change the rendering to that of IE7 depending on it’s meta tags. I guess that’s good to keep people wanting to see all their weird random sites normally and not move to another browser anyway, but this does not help people out there to get some better XHTML standards. IE has made improvements for RSS and Ajax support which did help to move it forward in the world, and it’s accelerators and WebSlices aren’t too bad.

With IE9 Beta coming up tomorrow it will be nice to try out with it’s 95/100 on the Acid3 tests and HTML5 video/audo tag support. Maybe when it finally releases next year Youtube will be able to start moving more off of flash video. One major problem I have seen with IE 9 being more important on the web is that it won’t have support for Win XP, and yes there are a lot of those people out there already. Especially in the workplace. Hell there are some places still on IE6 even… *shudders* But at least they’re working in the right way and as Microsoft loses more of the dominance with IE on the web they will conform more to the rest of the world.

By: FreedomChicken

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