Sep 2, 2010

Digg v4? WTF?

I haven’t been on too much lately. I used to frequent it pretty regularly when I as submitting a lot of stuff there, and fellow Bauer-Power contributor FreedomChicken and I decided we would try our hands at creating a Digg army, and try to game the system. I stopped hanging out there when they got rid of the shout feature. After that I found it was just too hard to try to game the system.

Well lately I have been seeing a lot of activity on Twitter. Mainly it is directed at Digg founder Kevin Rose, and almost all of it is really negative! I was wondering what was going on, so I decided to check out Digg. There it was, Digg version 4! With this new version they have tried to make it so that Power Diggers cannot possibly control the front page. In fact, just about all of your stories come from RSS feeds from other popular sites like Mashable, Engadget and others. The rest are articles of the people you are following on Digg. Did I say following? Sounds Twitter like doesn’t it? Well it is exactly that, a complete rip-off of Twitter!

Now if you go to the site, you see a bunch of Reddit submissions dominating the front page. If you didn’t know, Reddit is probably Digg’s biggest competitor in social news. These submissions from Reddit are of course in protest to the new fangled Digg v4. in fact one article boasts that Digg v4 has caused Reddit traffic to spike, and registrations to soar!

Besides the changes that sort of make Digg different than what made people love it in the first place, it is also full of bugs. Logging into it this morning I was greeted by numerous errors, and problems. Here is one of them:

digg broken axleI think I can push through the changes. In fact, this might be good for gaming Digg again because in theory, the more followers to can acquire, the more diggs your submissions will get. Also, you can add your site’s RSS feed to Digg so that your stuff gets auto-submitted.

What do you think? Do you like the new changes? Do you hate them? What is your least favorite feature of the new Digg? Let us know in the comments.

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